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Demographic Data

Better data equals better decisions

Data Depot specialise in providing quick and easy access to a wide range of cost effective data on people and places, including CACI’s demographic segmentation Acorn. 

Data Depot offer a wide and varied assortment of demographic datasets, area reports and mapping solutions to help both commercial and public sector clients understand customers, locations and communities.

Whether you need to benchmark postcodes, neighbourhoods or catchments CACI’s Data solutions define the industry standard; every dataset is built, maintained and updated by a dedicated team of expert analysts ensuring you have a robust source of independent analysis to corroborate your decision and support your strategy. 

Acorn is optimised at both postcode and household level ensuring it’s equally applicable to understanding a customer as it is a local area. The combination of a future proof methodology, unique digital insight and unrivalled support package ensures Acorn users can successfully explore consumer demographics without needing to invest in a complicated and demanding solution. 

Our passion for demographic data combined with our expertise in helping clients analyse customers and catchments ensures your purchase will be uncomplicated, efficient and tailored to suit your business needs. 

The Data Depot team is instantly available at the end of the phone to recommend a solution, answer your questions and support you both pre and post-sale.

Data Depot share industry news, product information and relevant content on both our Twitter account @CACI_Data and our LinkedIn group CACI Data and Demographics, we’d welcome your comments and questions.


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