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It is essential for public sector organisations to understand the needs of the communities they serve in order to deliver the right services to the right people, in the most cost effective way. We believe community understanding and insight provides an evidence base to inform, shape and underpin the delivery of services through local plans, core strategies and digital transformation.

CACI recognises that the sector as a whole is under immense pressure to maintain the delivery of quality services while working with a shrinking budget and resource pool; that’s why we’ve developed a range of products and services aimed at tackling the challenges of the modern public sector in the following ways: 


transformation customer access strategiesTransformation

The Public Sector must consider online and offline communities when developing channel shift, self-serve and customer access strategies to deliver a balanced ‘digital’ service to meet the needs of all residents.   


Adult Social CareAdult Social Care

Understanding the complex needs of residents, identifying at risk members of the community and assessing demand will support the public sector to plan for future demand and provision.  


Public Health Public Health

Existing service users are only one part of the equation, there are also non-service users who don’t currently engage. Their longer-term health needs may affect and have an impact on future services. 


Waste and RecyclingWaste and Recycling

To maintain and increase participation, it is necessary to understand the demographic, lifestyle and behavioural characteristics of residents to support awareness campaigning to encourage behaviour change.   


Financial harship Financial Hardship

The public sector has a responsibility to support residents facing poverty, debt and significant life events. This means organisations needs to consider scenarios like these and how they might impact services.


Behavioural ChangeBehavioural Change

In the digital world, it’s crucial to understand the demographic, lifestyle and behavioural characteristics of residents to support increased community engagement that will help lead to behavioural change. 


Risk PreventionRisk Prevention

By understanding residents and their associated community groups helps to assess risks more effectively and implement relevant interventions to proactively prevent crime and increase awareness.


Partnership and Data SharingPartnership and Data Sharing

Sharing best practices with key community stakeholders and partners as well as local authorities and emergency services encourages a move away from silos and promotes working in partnerships. 


Prediciting the FuturePredicting the Future

With more emphasis on future demand and provision, it is a necessary to have a greater up-to-date understanding of communities to support future planning and help allocate resources more effectively.


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At CACI we help public sector teams on a daily basis, and over the past 30 years we’ve worked with organisations all over the country to improve services while working with a limited resource pool.
If you’re wondering if your team are could benefit from improved insight, we’d love to show you what we can do. (We promise you’ll be impressed.)
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