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Demographic Data

Better data equals better decisions

By combining your customer data with demographic and geographic data, you can analyse customers, identify profitable prospects, evaluate local markets and focus on the specific needs of each catchment and neighbourhood.

Using  our powerful geodemographic segmentations of the UK’s population, we can provide an assortment of demographic datasets, area reports and mapping solutions to help both commercial and public sector clients understand customers, locations and communities.

By understanding the demographic makeup of your customers, you can make better, more informed business decisions.


Network Planning


Understanding your customers is vital to the success of your business; CACI helps business large and small better understand customer life stage, lifestyle and location.

We can use our sophisticated but easy to understand segmentations to allow you to identify and understand your current and potential customers. With only your customers postcode we can provide you can get a detailed understanding of who they are, how they behave, and the best way to communicate with them.

Network Planning


Once you understand who your current customers are, and who your customers are, you can use CACIs sophisticated segmentations to find more.

If you’re looking to open a new location or just wanting to know where to focus your marketing efforts, our area maps can show you where your likely customers live and determine which areas are best for your business.

Network Planning


For planning and marketing decisions, having the ability to quickly segment and understand customer data whenever you need can help you confidently make business decisions.

CACI have access to dozens of unique datasets that allow you to understand everything from consumer habits to how much disposable income people in an area have. Whatever you’re looking to understand, CACI can provide you with data that matches your need.







At CACI we’ve worked with clients to analyse customers and catchments on a daily basis over the past 30 years, ensuring your purchase will be uncomplicated, efficient and tailored to suit your business needs.

Whether you need to benchmark postcodes, neighbourhoods or catchments, CACI’s Data solutions define the industry standard; every dataset is built, maintained and updated by a dedicated team of expert analysts ensuring you have a robust source of independent analysis to corroborate your decisions and support your strategy.

If you’re wondering if your team would benefit from customer and catchment insight, we’d love to show you what we can do. (We promise you’ll be impressed.)





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