Leisure Acorn

Acorn, CACI’s geodemographic segmentation, provides a detailed understanding of the consumer characteristics and their leisure pursuits

Recognising the demographics, lifestyle attributes and leisure pursuits of the people who interact with your brand has never been more important. Acorn, CACI’s geodemographic segmentation, provides a detailed understanding of the consumer characteristics of people and places across the UK. By segmenting households, postcodes and neighbourhoods into 6 categories, 18 groups and 62 types – Acorn provides precise information and in-depth understanding of the different types of people who live in a particular area.

Leisure Acorn take this a step further and recategorises the 18 Acorn groups not only by traditional metrics like life stage and affluence, but more specifically their leisure pursuits. With this information you can learn more about your customers’ behaviour and identify prospects who most resemble your target customers, define local demand for eating and drinking, health and well-being, lifestyle, entertainment, holidays & travel, recreation & culture and shopping.

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Target your right audience with the right data

To succeed in this new consumer reality, brands need to centre their plans around their customers as individuals – adapting locations, marketing and propositions to their attitudes, needs and ability to spend.

How Leisure Acorn can help your business grow

Fully rebuilt and updated annually with the latest and newly available data, Leisure Acorn can support your organisation in:

  • Understanding leisure engagement by key consumer groups
  • Deliver intelligence on local populations
  • Assess local demand for products and services
  • Inform network strategies and identify where to target investment
  • Tailor services to customer requirements through the right format and ranging
  • Create personalised messaging for each channel in the right location
  • Target online display and social media advertising

Leisure Acorn can also be used across all channels from traditional direct marketing to digital advertising. The rise in the use of digital technologies, omnichannel commerce and the increase in economic pressures are all reflected in the lifestyles, behaviours, and spend profile of the different groups.