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How Clear Channel supports its customers understand their audience better

Differentiating customised out-of-home advertising solutions with InSite

The challenge

Clear Channel needed data insight that would help them assess the opportunity for out-of-home advertising and campaign planning for clients. They wanted to understand the audience for each of their advertising sites and be able to convey this to clients, to evidence the value and relevance for their brand or campaign.

Advertisers may book individual poster sites, or selected groups of sites, or a full national campaign, depending on their aims. Lindsay Rapacchi, Insight & Research Director at Clear Channel, explains:

To help our customers achieve engagement and sales, we focus on two approaches: brand and activation. Branding solutions aim to prime all potential market buyers with positive brand associations. This requires maximum reach, priming as much of the potential market as possible.

The solution

CACI provided Clear Channel with the InSite system, populated with gravity models and granular data that measures and categorises the movement of people and transactions by brand and demographic. Clear Channel uses this to filter its full list of poster sites to produce a relevant and effective target set for each client campaign. The outputs are displayed on web-based interactive maps, to help the client visualise the campaign and how its reach could support their marketing goals.

The benefits

Lindsay says, “We’ve been working with CACI for over four years, accessing consumer profiling and spending information and Retail Footprint through the InSite system. Our campaign planning team uses the system every day to identify sites and plan where our clients should put their ads.”

When we’re reaching out proactively to potential clients, our ability to help them understand audiences better is key: InSite data and visualisations are an important part of this. CACI’s expertise has helped us make the most of the data and tools and their helpdesk has provided responsive after-sales support.

Lindsay Rapacchi,
Insight & Research Director, Clear Channel

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