Circle Case study

How Crisis developed a new retail strategy with InSite’s powerful datasets

New charity store location analysis reveals supporter opportunities beyond retail sales

The challenge

Crisis wanted to learn from the performance of its existing stores in their different catchments, so it could identify success factors to inform future location choices. As well as understanding the characteristics that contribute to strong store performance, Juliet and her colleagues wanted to know about the halo effect – whether the shops’ presence made an impact on other donations, e-commerce, volunteering and lobbying in their local communities, and how they could maximise these positive outcomes in new store catchments.

The Crisis team approached CACI because they had heard about the Acorn categories and catchment tools and saw their potential to provide the evidence needed to develop a new retail strategy.

The solution

Juliet met with CACI to explain the information Crisis hoped to discover to build their retail strategy. The CACI team requested the existing store and performance metrics they needed from Crisis and proposed a list of deliverables they would generate, using Acorn demographic profiling and InSite catchment analysis overlaid on the Crisis data.

The timings were quite tight but the CACI consultant was quick to get back to us with a preliminary report that we could share with the senior management team to demonstrate the value of the approach. CACI followed up with a complete report and a clear explanation of the methodology used. There were spreadsheets of data and analysis by site that we could look at in granular detail. All the deliverables were well designed and easy to use – we could augment our data as more emerged, keeping the insights complete and current.

The benefits

Juliet and the retail team now have the confidence to look both within and outside London for new store locations. They can work with a prioritised list that’s based on potential measured from existing store experience, catchment and customer profiling and a broader appreciation of the total opportunity for Crisis from all activities influenced by the store’s presence.

CACI were consistently good at explaining what they did with the data in a way that we could easily understand – they translated their sophisticated models and methods into up-to-date insight that we could use with confidence for retail strategy decisions, plans and actions. The CACI experts fitted well with our culture and way of working and did a brilliant job at meeting tight deadlines.

Juliet Davies, Project Manager, Crisis

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