Circle Case study

Republic Technologies Maximise ROI From Their Field Sales Team

Republic Technologies

Republic Technologies are a long standing customer of CACI, a partnership that allows them to use CACI’s team of expert consultants to help them plan the deployment of their field sales team.

The Challenge

Republic Technologies had a number of vacancies in their field sales team, but they did not know the best places to recruit. Nor did they know whether they needed to fill all these vacancies; could they scale the team back and still achieve their target call rate?

Their territories were imbalanced, with some people working far more hours than other, and the team was spending too much time driving. They wanted to optimise the territories to ensure that each person was working the same hours and maximise the time spent with customers.

Based on the anticipated changes to the territories Republic wanted to provide each sales person with a plan of attack to help them get around their customers in the most efficient way

The Solutions

CACI worked with Republic’s field management to address these challenges. Using CACI’s proprietary InSite software, we started with headcount analysis, and employed our travel time algorithm to understand the driving the field team would have to make between calls to understand exactly how utilised the current team was, and how utilised it would be if the headcount changed. Based on these calculations the correct team size was established, giving Republic the confidence that they had struck the right balance.

From this optimised structure CACI used it’s CallSmart route optimiser to deliver a set of efficient routes for each field sales rep.

We have worked with CACI for several years now; overall we have found their services invaluable and have managed to complete field sales team changes in very little time. On the most recent brief the changes were up and running in no time at all with the output requiring very few manual tweaks. Good Job.

Gavin Anderson MISM, General Sales Manager

The Results

CACI’s work has allowed Republic to quantify the hidden work in a sales persons day – driving, to truly understand the correct size of their field sales team. This ensured Republic were maximising the return on investment from this team.

The territory optimisation improved the balance of work across the team and reduced the amount of time spent driving. CACI confirming not only the number of vacancies but where these would be located to reduce fuel bills.

The routing gave each sales person the daily sequences of visits that reduced the time they spent in the car, and the time they spent planning.

Further Information

If you want to hear more about how CACI’s field force expertise can help you and your team, get in contact now. We have a range of solutions that can help you optimise your field force.