Circle Case study

Retail Marketing Group Deliver Better Campaign Results Using Data, Analytics and Field Force Optimisation Tools

Retail Marketing Group

Retail Marketing Group are a multi-award winning Field Sales and Marketing agency specialising in Consumer Electronics, with insights and data to help brands better understand their customers, retailers and the marketplace.

The Challenge

In the past Retail Marketing Group faced a number of challenges – call files were selected based on individual’s knowledge of the market and long nights were spent wrestling with Excel and rudimentary maps to create territories and call schedules.

Retail Marketing Group needed a more efficient and accurate way of defining call files, calculating headcount, designing efficient territories and optimal call schedules. The goal was to reduce the cost of planning and running their field teams.

The Solution

They use CACI’s Retail Footprint catchment model to tell them where people shop and a mix of Acorn demographic and marketing data to tell them where their targeted consumers live. This allows them to identify the best stores to visit and set the most beneficial contact strategy.

InSite FieldForce makes sure that the headcount for each project is correct, that territories are planned in an efficient way and identifies the ideal place to hire field agents pre-campaign. CallSmart produces optimal call schedules and allows Retail Marketing Group to accurately estimate mileage and required overnight stays so they can budget effectively and quote clients with accuracy.

Adding CACI’s InSite FieldForce, CallSmart, Retail Footprint catchment model and Acorn Demographic database to our portfolio of solutions
for field marketing has meant that we provide much stronger, more efficient, data led solutions to our clients. We gain a better understanding of the optimal solution for a campaign from the start, meaning fewer reasons to rework projects throughout.

David Rivers – Business Intelligence Manager

The Results

Retail Marketing Group licence a number of CACI’s solutions and utilise them to plan outsourced field teams for their clients and support pitches for new business.

Having the software in-house means Retail Marketing Group can continue to accurately quote clients, improve results due to visiting more appropriate stores for the specific campaign, reduce costs through optimal routing, hire people in the right places first time resulting in reduced recruitment costs, give the field agents a sense of fairness by utilising territories at the right level, and massive time savings for their team of analysts who use the software.

Further Information

If you want to hear more about how CACI’s field force expertise can help you and your team, get in contact now. We have a range of solutions that can help you optimise your field force.