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Expert help with all aspects of BizTalk.

CACI is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has been working with the BizTalk platform for nearly 20 years. During that time, we have built up a vast amount of expertise and experience. This enables us to deliver solutions that help clients create integrated road maps, extend the lifecycle of legacy applications and future-proof critical solutions.

Upgrading cloud architecture for the modern world

In recent years, the latest version of BizTalk has enabled us to upgrade clients to hybrid and pure cloud architecture. This can be hugely beneficial for businesses and organisations across highly diverse sectors, as it enables scaling to be achieved on demand.

The advantages of this can be huge. Companies can more readily structure their operations to meet fluctuating demand and shifting market conditions. And CACI’s BizTalk expertise also makes it possible for organisations to easily implement and achieve clear visibility in business automation.

Deploying an Ideal Integration Strategy

We have assembled a team of BizTalk experts. This makes it easy for us to incorporate BizTalk deployment to the cloud, often using Microsoft’s Azure Logic Apps platform. We can create a bespoke integration strategy for your organisation, ensuring that your cloud deployment is seamless.

Services we provide with BizTalk include:

  • Maximising the efficiency of your automated messaging solution
  • Delivering a 24/7 Managed Service for your organisation
  • Managing your integration requirements
  • Streamlining your BizTalk upgrade process as required

With 40 years’ experience in collaborating with leading enterprise clients, CACI delivers leading industry experience, coupled with outstanding BizTalk knowledge. Our client-first approach ensures you get the results your organisation requires.



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CACI provides an agile, flexible and pragmatic approach that is a welcome change from other providers.

Matthew Steele, Thai Union Europe

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