Customer Segmentation

Let’s get to know your customers. We mean, really know them. We’ll show you every angle that influences their engagement with you – from demographics, lifestyle and location data to their behaviour, finances, needs and opinions. It’s the only way to develop propositions and campaigns that they really want.

Why segmentation? It’s hugely important to have an all-round understanding of consumers and how they’re thinking and acting in an ever-changing world. Segmentation helps you describe and understand them in addressable target groups. With our rich heritage of bringing together data from the best sources, we can paint a vivid picture of your customers today and your best prospects to reach out to. Consumebehaviour isn’t fixed and static. Our approach is to refresh segmentation constantly, so you can see how people, personas and markets are changing and keep pace with the latest trends and demands.

Find your best current and future prospects

Defining customer personas accurately helps you answer crucial questions for marketing ROI and sales growth. What type of customers do I have today? What distinguishes my best customers from the rest, and how do I get more of them? How should I react to fast-changing digital behaviours? Our consumer segmentation solutions can tell you all of this, based on data evidence. 

Vivid, actionable segmentation 

We can help you build segment personas that are visual, descriptive and alive. From video illustrations to tailored profile reports, we use multiple data points to illuminate real people, so you can relate campaigns and products to them in an authentic way. 

  • Household type
  • Demographic profile
  • Affluence
  • Lifestyle and behaviour
  • Opinions and preferences

CACI’s segmentation solutions give you a deep understanding of the needs, lifestyles, behaviours and preferences of your customers and prospects. Most importantly, the insight shows you clearly what you need to do to attract and retain these customers, to drive sustained growth. 

Top 5 Uses of Customer Segmentation.
Top 5 Uses of Customer Segmentation.
Top 5 Uses of Customer Segmentation.


Customer Segmentation

Understand every aspect of the needs, behaviours and preferences of your customers and prospects.

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Marketing Attribution

Sophisticated insight to explain the cumulative effect of multi-channel campaigns for optimisation.

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Predict changing market conditions and customer behaviours to forecast business impact.

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Predictive Analytics and Modelling

Powerful AI & ML analytics tools monitor behaviour, response and context for personalised marketing.

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Data Visualisation and Reporting

Make decisions based on insight you can trust, presented in a clear and meaningful way.

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With Fresco we immediately stepped up the level of personalisation to supercharge our Customer Experience Strategy.

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