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Channel Impact


Channel Impact is CACI’s five year view of changing customer behaviour in banking and insurance. It takes into account channel usage and behaviour, customer demographics, the changing roles of towns and cities, and population projections.

Separate projections are available for the banking and insurance sectors, each tailored to relevant consumer behaviours, channels and products.
CACI has analysed times series data from GfK’s Financial Research Survey to look at changing channel behaviour for both managing accounts and taking out new products. Responses have been linked to Fresco, CACI’s leading financial services segmentation, aggregated and projected forwards over the next five years. The result is a series of propensity scores, which can be applied to both customers and prospects, predicting both current and future behaviour. In addition, CACI has aggregated Channel Impact to towns and cities across the UK, creating a unique location-by-location view of changing customer interactions.

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