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Field Force Planning


Optimising sales teams to create an efficient field force

In field sales, it’s not easy to strike the fine balance between maximising the number of visits your team makes and pushing individuals to breaking point to achieve your goals. You need to ensure you deliver on the business’ needs, while keeping your sales people committed, motivated and fresh.

By creating the most efficient routes, reducing the amount of ‘invisible’ work your field force are doing, and optimising your utilisation levels, your business will benefit from increased staff retention, lower recruitment costs, higher customer satisfaction, and importantly increased call rates – and sales.

Head Count Analysis


A sales team usually needs less driving time, not more heads. To maximise ROI, invest in efficiency first and headcount second.

An efficient sales team is a more powerful sales team. We can deliver best in class resource planning and headcount analysis to help with your workforce management and ensure the right number of people are deployed in your field sales team. Find out more.

Territory Optimisation


With InSite Field Force's territory optimiser and mapping software, we can help you ensure that every person has a balanced and drivetime efficient territory. 

Through a fast optimisation process which compares “what if…” scenarios within minutes you can ensure your sales territories are workload balanced and drivetime compact. Find out more.

Call Scheduling


Sales people need guidance to get around their territory in an efficient way. With CallSmart's route optimiser and mapping software, we can create daily routes for each sales rep to reduce mileage and maximise calls per day.

This can reduce driving up to 20% allowing you to increase the daily call rate, and means your sales team spend up to 70% less time manually planning call schedules. Find out more.



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Our clients include Nestle    Our clients include Imperial Tobacco     Our clients include Mondelez

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CACI's invaluable input resulted in optimum call cycle patterns and the 'right' amount of time spent in-call with our retail partners, as well as improving drive time efficiencies.
This was an ambitious, high-profile and time-critical project that we simply had to get right, which is why we turned to CACI. Their expertise, flexibility, collaboration and industry-leading software helped nail the brief and smash our metrics. Thank you!
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Andy Wilcox
Cluster Trade Planning Manager, Imperial Tobacco
Our clients include Bidfood



At CACI we help teams with field force management on a daily basis, and over the past 30 years we’ve worked with organisations all over the world to add transparency and certainty to this balancing act.
If you’re wondering if your sales team are operating as efficiently as they could be or simply wondering if you’ve got the right number of field sales reps, we’d love to show you what we can do. (We promise you’ll be impressed.)
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