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An Interview with Braze: Keeping Customers Engaged in 2020

Monday 20 April 2020 Customer Experience


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By David Sealey

In the latest instalment of our Next Digital Decade series, David Sealey interviews Gareth Ballard, Vice President of Sales at Braze. They discuss the transformational changes that have occurred in marketing over the past ten years and how CMOs can harness these changes to drive the most value for their business over the next decade. Watch the full interview below.

Gareth explores how the exponential increase in technology over the last decade has dramatically changed the way that customers can interact with brands and what this means for your organisation.

“Each touchpoint increases your customer data, creating an opportunity to interact with your customers in a more meaningful and highly personalised way”

He also discusses the trends that marketers should be leaving behind and those that marketers should be taking advantage of to retain their customer base, especially AI and machine learning.

“Technology should become a canvas for creativity; not a limiter”

Braze recently published a report on how media streaming services have experienced a sudden increase in customers throughout March due to the amount of people who are now spending more time at home. These brands are utilising AI to predict their customers choices to work towards retaining these customers by impressing them with their customer experience so that they are not lost once this period passes.

Gareth gives his advice for how marketers can drive value this decade by stepping away from old techniques like batch and blast:

“Marketers need to put the experience architecture first and focus less on the channel or campaign”

Gareth highlights the campaign that stands out in his mind as putting customer experience first - the Burger King Whopper Detour. Watch the video of this campaign to view how Burger King brought together a marketing stack, including Braze, to create this newsworthy campaign in the US!

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Coming up in our Next Digital Decade series, David will be sitting down with our Partner in Data Strategy, Ed Sewell.

In the latest instalment of our Next Digital Decade series, Gareth Ballard, VP of Sales at Braze, shares his insights on the most transformational changes in marketing over the past decade, and where he thinks CMO's should be focusing their efforts in this next decade.

An Interview with Braze: Keeping Customers Engaged in 2020