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Accelerating value realisation with CACI and Braze

David Sealey

Braze’s recently published 2021 Global Customer Engagement Review is a report worth reading for customer-oriented marketers. Through research and in-depth analysis of data, Braze has gleaned vital insights into what separates brands that deliver a poor experience with those that excel (Braze titles these the “Ace” brands).

One stat that particularly caught my eye was that Ace brands are 56% more likely to exceed their revenue targets. And this is across all areas of customer activation, conversion, monetization and retention. They are leveraging all the features of Braze’s real-time customer engagement platform to improve the customer’s experience which in turn leads to more customers spending with the brand.

Set out below are the differences between brands delivering legacy customer experiences, and how Braze’s Ace brands are performing. It’s clear that Braze is enabling customer focussed organisations to create experiences and communications that resonate and connect with the recipient.

At CACI we’re helping brands to get the most from Braze. We’re a trusted partner at implementing, optimising, integrating and running Braze for our mutual clients. The work we’re doing with brands who want to be classed as Ace has highlighted five areas where value realisation can be accelerated:

  • High quality implementation of Braze – without this there may be challenges accessing or relying on the data that Braze holds
  • Real-time data integration – to deliver meaningful in the moment experiences, Braze requires fresh data
  • Optimisation not migration – when migrating campaigns from your old platform, take the time to optimise them based on Braze’s capabilities
  • Accelerate personalisation and optimisation – change business practices to enable more continual improvements to your campaigns and comms
  • Have the right model of expert support – whether it’s for creative assets or execution of CRM activity; you need the right type of agency relationship

CACI has now developed a set of Braze Accelerators designed for CRM teams who need to achieve greater results in a reduced timeframe. I’ve recently explained these in a video that will soon be made available.

If you’d like to find out more about how we could enable your brand to achieve more with Braze, get in touch and I will send you a copy of the presentation on our accelerators.

For more about how Braze can integrate with Tealium and Snowflake to deliver real-time omnichannel experiences, please download our webinar here.

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David Sealey