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How CACI’s GIS software accelerates business growth for Müller Milk & Ingredients

Müller Milk and Ingredients Distribution (MMID) maps supplies & translates findings visually through CACI’s GIS Software


Müller Milk and Ingredients Distribution (MMID) is a milk business collecting over a billion litres of raw milk annually, distributing it to supermarkets, convenience stores and wholesaler customers across the UK. MMID has approximately 6,000 delivery points throughout the country and runs a mixed fleet of heavy goods vehicles, ranging from 26-tonne rigid lorries to 44-tonne artics. MMID also owns six dairies and 10 distribution depots along the west side of the country.

The Challenge

MMID is a large and complex business forming several types of delivery points of varying volumes. Due to the thousands of delivery points and farms that the business collects raw milk from, gaining a comprehensive and translatable view of customers has been a complicated task. A lack of granularity into the visualisation of farms and depots had prevented MMID from innately analysing customer trends and ultimately supplying senior management with a digestible lay of the land that could enhance their decision- making and strategies.

The Solution

MMID uses CACI’s market leading GIS platform and unique data solutions to create a map of the UK that highlights where depots, shops and supplies are located. The tool equips MMID with valuable visual insight that far exceeds the capabilities of a data spreadsheet in terms of highlighting customer patterns and trends that can be presented to senior stakeholders concisely. Key findings can be translated via a map when meeting with senior stakeholders and the map can be drawn on directly to illustrate any areas or circumstances that need to be addressed.

Anthony Helm, Central Transport Planner at MMID, explained the impact that having this detailed visual representation of these countrywide locations has had on their business operations.

We recognise CACI as one of the major players in this sector and the tool as a leading solution. Our work with CACI has spanned over a decade and their ongoing support and consultancy along with the tool itself have made tremendous differences to our location planning processes and outcomes.

The Benefits

In terms of farm collection, CACI’s GIS tool has supported MMID by effectively refreshing and reviewing the boundaries between various operations. This insight enhances their planning for reducing overall costs and fuel consumption of their fleet, both of which are critical agenda points for the business to tackle when considering their carbon capture. On the delivery side, CACI’s GIS tool has aided MMID in strategically moving their customers to the appropriate delivery profile based on their geographic locations. This has bolstered the entire process of onboarding new customers.

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