Circle Case study

How CACI helped DX to grow business and drive efficiencies

Providing efficient data-driven solutions to improve business development and pricing function

About DX

DX is a well-established provider of a wide range of delivery services to both business and residential addresses across the UK and Ireland. First established in 1975, DX now provides one of the widest ranges of overnight delivery services in the region, as well as logistics services.

The Challenge

DX instigated a tender with both business development and operational objectives:

Business Development

To introduce a tool to improve the contract bidding process. The solution needed to provide:

  • Flexibility to model different datasets from a diverse range of existing and potential clients
  • Data-driven information to determine the most appropriate solution
  • Reliability to provide accurate overheads and costings for the business to plan
  • Speed to produce quality results within short timeframes to aid winning more business

Operational Use

To implement the most appropriate route planning and optimisation software to bring daily efficiencies and cost savings across multiple contracts. The operational requirements were:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Accurate ETAs
  • Flexibility to use on many different types of contract
  • Usability for numerous teams of planners

The Solution

CACI won the tender and implemented its market leading route optimisation solution. Initially it was rolled out across multiple contracts, being used by different teams of planners, as well as in solution design to support and improve the business development and pricing function. DX have now been relying on CACI for over 10 years to grow their business and keep their staff and customers happy.

The Benefits

DX use CACI’s solution in business development to model client data for each tender, improving the process and increasing the company’s win rate. James Wood, Head of Solutions says:

On a daily basis it is absolutely key to us. This is about providing efficient data-driven solutions. Gut feel backed by data becomes irrefutable.

The route optimisation solution has introduced efficiency to operations through process improvement, as well as bringing huge savings by reducing costs.

Read the full case study here. For more information on how CACI can help you optimise your operation, get in touch and one of our data experts will happily arrange a time to talk.