Data Architecture

Structuring infrastructure for the effective flow of data

Your organisation has access to a vast amount of data. A goldmine of information that can tell you more about your customers’ wants, likes, and needs. But how do you leverage this valuable commodity to drive better business decisions, increase your margins, and stay ahead of the competition?

Without the right data architecture in place, gleaning key insights from your data is simply not possible. You need a robust framework of intricately designed and detailed working practices and technologies crafted by experienced data architects to help you achieve your business goals. That’s where CACI’s Business Intelligence Group comes in.

Make decisions with confidence

Our highly-trained data architects will work with you to understand your specific needs and pain points and clearly define the components that you need from your data architecture. We provide you with the technical skills and necessary system upgrades to effectively govern your data, streamline your resources, generate cost savings, and make key business decisions with confidence.

With effective data architecture in place, you’ll be able to better understand your customers, uncover new insights that let you operate more competitively in your market, and easily find data to support your actions.

Our end-to-end data architecture solution includes

  • Extensive discovery period to clearly understand the unique needs of your organisation
  • Intricate data architecture design of a customised solution that works just for you
  • The latest technology cloud components that fulfil your data requirements
  • Seamless deployment, delivery, and data architecture maintenance
  • Delivery assurance for full peace of mind

Upgrade your data architecture as needed

Your data architecture solution will be delivered using your cloud provider of choice or using CACI’s public or private cloud. Because your needs are constantly changing, we offer you the flexibility to incorporate cloud components and upgrade your data architecture as needed, from the integration of source systems to a data lake or data warehouse. With effectively structured data, you can grow and scale your business and uncover key insights that give you a competitive edge.

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