Analytic Applications

Analytic applications to harness the power of your data

Every business wants to be more competitive and understand its customers better to increase margins and reduce operational inefficiencies. But with consumer preferences constantly changing and the competitive landscape heating up, finding ways of achieving this goal can be a challenge.

Fortunately, the efficient use of your data can allow you to do exactly that. Through high-quality data architecture and customised analytic applications, you can glean real valuable insights that help you make more informed decisions.

Understanding your data is key to understanding your customers. We provide simple-to-use solutions that act as a vehicle to use your data better and further your business objectives.

Real insights, not just legacy reporting

Through our customised analytic applications, we don’t just produce traditional legacy reporting that you can talk about in meetings. We take the data and tell you what it means, delivering real insights that help you identify key patterns and trends to make informed business choices.

Through an extensive discovery period, our Business Intelligence Group works closely with you to understand your business, discover the areas that are underperforming, and the ways in which we can add value. We then set about designing targeted solutions that allow you to think differently about your data, making it intrinsic to your decision-making.

All our analytic applications include

  • An extensive discovery period to understand your needs
  • Intricate custom design by qualified data architects
  • A suite of applications for data modelling and forecasting
  • Delivery in the format of your choice that better suits your business
  • Delivery assurance for full peace of mind

Data specialists to transform your business

Your organisation has access to vast amounts of data. But using that information to transform your business requires additional expertise. CACI’s Business Intelligence Group is passionate about helping businesses use their data to better understand their customers and the environment they operate in, increase their margins, and future-proof their business for many years ahead.

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Business Intelligence

Unlock insights in your data

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Cloud Data Analytics

Launch and scale your analytics solutions at speed and ensure analytics access for all of your users

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Data Integration

combine data from disparate sources into a single unified view and generate business intelligence

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Digital Transformation

Evolve your business to meet the demands of your industry, market and consumers

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Healthcare Insights

Data insight to help your organisation plan, operate and optimise resources, services and staffing.

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