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Delivery Assurance

Do you, like many others, struggle to manage the recruitment of the right specialist IT & network staff in the rapid timescales now needed?

In highly technical environments, the impact of staff churn can dramatically affect project milestones. Now with the employment of specialist contractors being disrupted by IR35, managing outcomes through external staff is becoming increasingly problematic for hard pressed business managers like yourself.

To help ease this burden, we offer Delivery Assurance with all our technical services to ensure that the required outcomes are achieved. We will engage collaboratively with you on a consultancy (i.e. time & materials) or project/ outcome (I.e. fixed price contract) basis. We can also work through a managed service agreement to provide flexibility and security.

We employ highly experienced consultants who can apply their knowledge and skill to be quickly productive. They are able to identify, assess and resolve issues while mitigating risk.

What can we provide you?

We define delivery assurance as taking responsibility for the quality and timeliness of our consultants deliverables by:

  • Recruiting a high standard of consultant
  • Providing management supervision of consultant's work
  • Ensuring resource continuity and upscaling via a pool of consultants
  • Overseeing quality of deliverables
  • Checking customer satisfaction of our consultants’ work

With our delivery assurance, you can be confident that your programme will be delivered on time, to budget and with business benefits optimally realised.

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