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Cutting edge data & technology, delivering powerful logistics solutions

Helping you to optimise your logistics solution for maximum efficiency, cost effectiveness and legal compliance. CACI Logistics offers a complete logistics solution. We offer cutting edge data, technology, and powerful logistics solutions. This proposition was created through the acquisition of MapMechanics (including Truckstops Routing and Allmapdata) into the CACI family.





  Our clients include Imperial Tobacco  Our clients include Mondelez            


We help organisations solve 5 key problems in logistics:

  • Routes are complex and difficult to plan
  • Logistics is expensive; there is a need to maximise efficiency
  • The daily operation needs managing effectively
  • The right insights are needed to help make big decisions in logistics
  • There is a need to differentiate and win business



Providing the Most Comprehensive Selection of Map Data in the World

We’re experts in logistics data with a deep technical understanding of data and the systems clients use. Our provision of address and road network data for different geographies helps us to deliver exceptional value, enabling clients to optimise their logistics operations globally. We also offer bespoke data solutions created to match specific requirements being able to process complex data into actionable insights.



Providing World Renowned Logistics Optimisation Software

Our routing and scheduling optimisation solution Truckstops, quickly and simply streamlines complex multi-drop, multi-route planning problems – improving operational performance, minimising fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and reducing overall costs. Optisite is a strategic distribution planning and site location modelling tool designed to help organisations analyse, manage and optimise complex supply chain networks more effectively and profitability – it can identify the optimum number and best locations for the distribution centres of your existing network; find potential new sites, or design a brand new ‘right-size’ solution.



Providing Independent Logistics Expertise

Logistics consultancy can bring expertise into your team so you can concentrate on the business and we can optimise your logistics solution for you. One off acquisition/merger or other supply chain project? Time to revise your fixed routes? Short of resources inhouse? The team at CACI Logistics can help.

At CACI we help organisations optimise their logistics solutions on a daily basis, and have worked with organisations all over the world over the past 30+ years.
If you would like to find out how CACI can help your logistics solution, then get in touch with us.
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