Real-Time Airport

Information management solutions to support every flight

The power of real-time data

Real-Time Airport is designed to deliver better visibility and enable agility of operational and front-line airport teams. Our specialist systems enable better collaboration and communication, allowing teams to optimise their resources on the ground.

Real-time data enables airport teams to predict the passenger volumes and queue lengths at border control, reduce taxiway time by 25%, and, with an intuitive platform distributing key data to the necessary personnel, significantly eliminates the need to physically check in on activity in different areas of the airport.


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What we do

As expert providers of real-time data management solutions to airport organisations, we support airports in achieving the following business outcomes:

  • Optimised operational capacity
  • Lower fuel burn
  • Greater slot adherence
  • Reduced delay frequency and duration
  • Improved response times to schedule disruptions
  • Simplified ground handler resource management
  • Improved predictability for ATC teams
  • Stabilized sequencing and reduced congestion


Ground View

Enhances team’s situational awareness with the use of:
Web-based geographical interface,  Centralised real-time view across teams,  Improved resource coordination

Pre-departure Sequencer

Optimises aircraft flow with:
TSAT updates in real-time,  Increased slot adherence,  Maximised capacity utilisation


Improves turn-round and departure planning processes with:
EUROCONTROL standards compliance,  Rapid, incremental deployment,  Fuel savings circa $30m annually

Passenger Journey

Improves real-time visibility, enabling you to oversee what’s happening in the terminal, including:
Anticipating passenger related delays,  Optimising allocation of terminal resources,  Fine-tuning the overall passenger experience

Airport Analytics

Quickly and easily generate granular analysis to:
Build trend profiles,  Proactively increase operational efficiency,  Improve forward-planning and reactive resourcing

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