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Proficiency Testing

How to gain assurance in your digital forensic processes

Digital forensic proficiency testing is a requirement of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation and is an essential means of comparing your digital forensic processes against other organisations, enabling improvements to be identified and implemented. Successful participation in regular proficiency tests provided by a credible independent PT provider, evidences to external regulatory bodies such as UKAS that the correct activities are being undertaken to maintain accreditation standards and the Forensic Science Regulator that you are complying to the statutory Code of Practice 2023.

We currently offer 3 Digital Forensic Proficiency Schemes:

The PT schemes we are initially offering are as follows:

  • Computer-Based Devices – Acquisition
  • Computer-Based Devices – Processing and analysis
  • Mobile-Based Phone – Acquisition, processing and analysis

 How our scheme operates

  • The schemes are comprised of annual “rounds”, that are split into 3 month quarterly cycles. Ensuring participants can join the cycle that suits their timescales.
  • They are designed such that participation over 4 consecutive rounds will ensure that all devices within your full accreditation scope are covered.
  • Physical test devices / data are sent to participants for them to conduct appropriate processes and answer questions supplied by CACI.
  • All tests are designed to mirror real-life submissions. Devices will come packaged as evidence, with a submission document allowing participants to test their full end to end processes.
  • The participant shall then return the test devices / data, their responses and any produced or requested data to CACI for comparison against known values and other participants responses.
  • The test results are sent to participants and then ensuring anonymity, are published on CACI’s PT web-portal for comparison.
  • The CACI PT web-portal displays comparisons against those participants in the same cycle, but it also displays ongoing comparisons against future participants of the scheme, as more participants undertake the tests.

PT Service - Process

What’s included in the scheme?

Computer Based Devices – Acquisition

  • Will include between three to five physical devices each year
  • Devices provided will be sufficient to satisfy UKAS requirement to test entire scope over four-year period
  • Schemes are focused on acquisition process and related challenges
  • Schemes include pre-acquisition activities and more

Computer Based Devices – Processing & Analysis

  • Forensic acquisition provided yearly for processing and analysis
  • Sufficient to satisfy Microsoft Windows & Apple MacOS scope over two-year period
  • Scheme includes full analysis case background, examination strategy and workbook
  • Schemes are focused on processing and analysis process along with related challenges

Mobile Based Devices – Acquisition, Processing & Analysis

  • 3x physical test devices and forensic acquisition provided yearly
  • Includes full analysis case background, examination strategy and workbook
  • Focused on acquisition, processing and analysis process along with related challenges
  • Schemes include pre-acquisition activities and more

Each cycle is operated as follows:


To ensure compliance with The Forensic Science Regulators Code of Practice, and ensure quality of all Digital Forensics Investigation and Proficiency Testing services, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has granted CACI with accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

UKAS Recommendation Details:

Accreditation Scope: ISO/IEC 17025:2017 with compliance to ILAC G19:06/2022 and Forensic Science Regulator Code of Practice Version 1.

  • Capture and preservation of data from computers and digital storage devices HDDs, SSDs, M.2 memory devices, memory cards and USB flash devices – Using FTK Imager, EnCase Imager and Tableau T356789iu.
  • Capture, preservation, processing and analysis of data from Mobile Devices, SIM cards and Memory Cards – Using Cellebrite 4PC, Cellebrite Physical Analyser, MSAB XRY, MSAB XAMN and Magnet Axiom.

The following CACI Ltd Proficiency Testing Schemes have been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for ISO/IEC 17043:2023:

  • Computer-Based Devices – Acquisition
  • Computer-Based Devices – Processing & Analysis
  • Mobile-Based Devices – Acquisition, Processing & Analysis

In addition, CACI’s Digital Forensics Lab holds certification from British Standards Institute (BSI) to ISO 27001 for the provision of Digital Forensic Science Services.

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DSG Digital Forensics PT Testing

I must say it’s been impressive, it’s clear that it has been established by expert and experienced practitioners.

We had good feedback from the examination staff around the complexity to questions within the workbook.


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