Dark Web Intelligence

CACI’s DarkBlue Intelligence Platform provides safe, anonymous access to monitor and exploit the Dark Web.

Finding and analysing data on the open, deep, and dark web shouldn’t require having to learn a multitude of complex tools, whilst simultaneously covering your tracks. Our DarkBlue Intelligence Suite provides a safe and secure SaaS platform with a cutting‑edge user interface (UI) designed to revolutionise how Intelligence professionals perform OSINT investigation across the open, deep, and dark web.

DarkBlue Intelligence Platform

CACI’s award-winning DarkBlue® Intelligence Platform is a leading unclassified SaaS open-source intelligence (OSINT) tool, offering a safe environment for exploring and analysing the Open, Deep, and Dark Web. Analysts are provided with access to a secure cloud-based platform with billions of records enriched by AI insights. DarkBlue employs robust web scraping across Tor, I2P, ZeroNet, OpenBazaar, Freenet, Deep, and Open Web sites, generating hundreds of thousands of new records daily. The platform ensures user safety by avoiding direct interaction with Dark Web networks. Its automated processes, coupled with near real-time updates, make it a powerful tool for comprehensive web intelligence.

Safely and securely explore all layers of the web with DarkPursuit

DarkPursuit eliminates the analyst’s exposure when browsing the open, deep, and dark web. It allows users to seamlessly pivot to secure live browsing on Dark Nets, including Tor, I2P, ZeroNet, Freenet, and the Open Web, using a secured and ephemeral, managed attribution virtual machine. This capability allows users to perform investigative techniques to uncover new leads and other hidden information in the live environment without risking their exposure. As DarkPursuit forms part of the DarkBlue® Intelligence Platform, it is fully integrated with DarkBlue allowing users to easily transition between analysis and exploration, enhancing and expediting investigative processes.

Training and Support

Our DarkBlue® Intelligence Platform includes user onboarding, training and support as standard. All users receive a robust onboarding process, familiarising them with the platform, support materials and introducing them to our DarkBlue® support personnel. Our Intelligence Professional trainers provide initial training to ensure an understanding of the platform and its features. We customise this training to align with the user’s competency.

In addition, our complementary Analyst Exchange sessions assist users in exploring specific topics or help with navigating intricate Dark Web areas. There is no limit on the number of these sessions, and users can request group or individual sessions as appropriate. Our Customer Support and Account Management teams are available both in the UK and the US, so user support continues to be available outside of standard business hours. We focus on fostering long-term relationships with our users and are committed to ensuring the platform aligns with their needs, allowing them to achieve their goals and desired outcomes. In support of this, we gather regular customer feedback, providing insights for continuous product improvement.

Enquire now about a 30-day trial for both DarkBlue or DarkPursuit and see if your business can benefit from CACI’s Dark Web Intelligence service.


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