Circle Case study

Salford Royal NHS

The best clinical outcomes with the best clinical data

Salford Royal is an integrated provider of hospital, community and social care services, with some 750 beds and over 6,900 staff
providing a range of services to the 240,000 population of Salford, as well as specialist services to Greater Manchester, the North
West and nationally.

The challenge

Management reporting around patient admin data had become cumbersome and slow, and led to poor and often inaccurate reporting. Resource was often spent fixing current problems, rather than finding new solutions and previous attempts at building an in-house data warehouse had failed. The Trust needed a single source of reliable and accurate data that they could gain real insight from.

The solution

CACI’s InView data warehouse provides a single source of information from across PAS, radiology, pathology and EPR modules, with data extraction and loading fully automated, and reports produced daily using SAP BusinessObjects. Qlik dashboards are also being used in A&E, offering a live view and analysis of patient data with predictive capabilities.

The results

The role of data has completely changed. Time is now spent analysing results and developing innovative approaches to data handling to drive real-time insights. A&E can predict patient attendance, likely arrival modes and emergency admissions numbers, per weekday and hour. The self-serve model
has helped greater engagement and understanding from all departments.

“Data quality was a major concern – not any more. A single source of all trust data, with easy to use reporting and visual analyses, has given us huge potential to accurately analyse, predict and improve clinical outcomes.”
Joseph Frost, Head of Business Intelligence, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust