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CACI Business Intelligence, consultancy services & support: Optimising the NHS’ digital health analytics journey

CACI’s business intelligence (BI), consultancy services and support help the NHS maximise value from their data assets and improve patient outcomes. From robust data strategies to analytics that facilitate reporting and the promotion of self-sufficiency via training and knowledge sharing, CACI has the experience and ability to help your digital health analytics journey be a great success.

CACI’s major focus areas for supporting the NHS and where our clients see the largest needed and desired improvements are:

Implementing a robust data strategy

We enhance NHS organisations’ data capabilities through collaborative delivery, knowledge transfer and an effectively designed data architecture and infrastructure. Our data strategies help our customers design how data is collected, managed and consumed across the organisation to support strategic goals and enhance operational effectiveness. These strategies describe tangible improvements to the use of data and highlight just how important data can be for your patients and the whole healthcare system.  

We ensure that the data strategy is at the heart of how you drive value from your data to meet statutory needs, operational requirements, support strategic goals and enable data sharing. Through the seamless integration of our solutions into existing processes and reporting toolsets, our data strategies deliver a coherent set of data structures that can be accessed and understood across a wider organisation. 

You can learn more about how we devise the optimal data strategy for individual NHS organisations’ needs in our case study from North Bristol NHS Trust. 

Streamlining reporting and analytics across BI toolset migration

Our highly experienced team has supported countless migrations of data analytics into the Cloud. Our integration process extends beyond the lifting and shifting of an organisation’s existing reports and dashboards. We assess stakeholders’ needs to align with the capabilities of their chosen BI tool and we help our customers realise the opportunity of improved analytics from the migration process. 

Our designs and solutions have been integrated into organisations’ BI toolsets many times, equipping them with a single, governed source from which data can be presented. This has streamlined their reporting processes and reduced analysts’ need for training. We ease the burden and complexity of our customers’ migration process, leaving them with a well-designed solution that delivers increased value over the previous one. 

Supplying optimised data analytics & architecture

Our data engineering and analytics solutions are simple yet effective and ensure a low cost of ownership. As a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2020, we are highly experienced in delivering solutions that enhance our customers’ data and technology experiences, bolster their cloud migrations and ensure their cloud architecture is secure, performant and economical. Our practices consistently meet the regulatory and compliance requirements that our customers must achieve.

Working alongside a highly experienced team

Our team is highly experienced in working with the NHS and understands the processes, constraints and day-to-day pressures faced by NHS organisations across the UK. We have long-standing relationships with our clients and consistently deliver excellent customer service. To do this, we will work alongside your data analytics team to bolster their skills, share our knowledge and promote ongoing self-sufficiency. 

For example, we equipped Croydon Health Services NHS Trust with our data warehouse, InView, to enhance their data loading process and ability to meet statutory deadlines. Husein Kermali, Head of Information Systems at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, explained the tremendous impact that CACI’s support had on optimising the Trust’s data capabilities.  

“We know that CACI is always there when we’ve got issues, we know that [CACI] knows the detailed processes very well. [CACI] also work for a multitude of Trusts… so they know they’ve seen all the issues that we’re having in other Trusts, and what all the Trusts are trying to do,” Husein said. “I think with that kind of vision, [CACI] can see a lot more than we can. I think that makes CACI a great partner to be with.”

Accessing our Managed Services Programme

Our bespoke managed services for clients encompass service management, product maintenance, user group membership, advice and guidance. We run a comprehensive Managed Services Programme that pairs clients with our expert technical consultants who risk-avert and handle any incidents. Through our programme, you will gain: 

▪ Access to our service desk and service level agreements 

▪ Documented scope of service and service delivery plan 

▪ Service reporting and logging.

Receiving extensive training & onboarding

We recognise that a confident and self-sufficient team can make a significant impact on achieving outcomes. That’s why from a project’s outset through its implementation and beyond, CACI works directly with NHS organisations to ensure teams have the necessary system administration training, onboarding and knowledge transfer to confidently act on changes through enhanced data literacy. 

From hosting webinars and training sessions to accessing a user-led knowledge sharing community, teams can validate queries, assess security permissions, add new users and enhance their data warehouse content while engaging with the wider NHS community to share their learnings and gain additional insights.

Navigating interorganisational data sharing

We know that interorganisational data sharing can be daunting for NHS organisations. We help our clients navigate this through our systems integration, software applications and consultancy services that allow us to manage sensitive data while maintaining patient confidentiality, data integrity and information availability.  
We have been supplying NHS organisations with critical solutions that include secure HSCN hosting and data warehouse applications for over 20 years. Our security practices ensure data security and include an Information Security Management System (ISMS) which upholds policies and procedures for systematically managing sensitive data, systems and processes.

What our partners have to say about us

“[CACI’s]… support available along with the helpdesk, especially at the project implementation stage, was helpful… Whenever I’ve asked questions or enquired about different developments, CACI has always offered solutions or more information. I can deal with everything now through CACI, so quite a few efficiencies in terms of administrative tasks were achieved as well.” – Mandip Bal, Lead Costing, Reporting and Finance Systems Accountant at Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 

“We have a lot of confidence in the fact that CACI’s [team of customer care individuals] understand NHS data and keep up to date on policy decisions to be able to respond quickly to changes.” – Debbie Hope, Chief Data Officer at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust 

To find out more about how our services and support can help your organisation, please contact our expert, Susan Brooks. 

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[CACI’s]... support available along with the helpdesk, especially at the project implementation stage, was helpful.

Mandip Bal, Lead Costing, Reporting and Finance Systems Accountant at Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

CACI’s team... understand NHS data and keep up to date on policy decisions to respond quickly to changes.

Debbie Hope, Chief Data Officer at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

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