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Understanding your own customers so you can better target them with the right messaging at the right time across the right channel is crucial in today’s competitive world. Ocean, CACI’s database of the UK population, contains over 500 attributes to help you understand the demographics, lifestyle, affluence and preferred channel of your consumers to help you do just that.

By combining hundreds of millions of data items CACI have been able to create a picture of the UK population which you can apply to your own customers.

Using Ocean to code your customers with selected variables, you can start to gain insight into the households they live in, how affluent they are and their lifestyle interests, allowing you to better target them with appropriate products and services.

By profiling customer groups you can identify look-a-like audiences from Ocean for prospecting across direct mail, telesales, email and now by display and social advertising.

View our Infographic: How to Bring Personas to Life with Data

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