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Business Process Services

Effective processes are essential to a successful business. Before engaging in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or Business Process Automation (BPA), you need to understand your company's processes and validate them with what you want to achieve – e.g. introduction of new technology or services.

CACI Network Services can provide experienced consultants specifically skilled in discovering, describing and improving processes in your company as part of our Business Process Service (BPS).

What can we provide you?

We'll analyse your business activities to ensure that you desired outputs are delivered in the most efficient manner possible. Following optimisation, we will document and analyse each individual process, making recommendations for streamlining and removing unnecessary steps where appropriate. We can further help with implementation, baselining and optimisation using process metrics.

Whether you’re at Capability Maturity Model Level 1 (Initial), where work is unpredictable and reactive, or you're at Level 2 (Managed), where projects are planned, performed, measured and controlled; we can help you to make steps along the path to level 5 (Optimising).

Whatever the starting point of your processes, we can make them better - saving you time, money and management effort.

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