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Why organisations need to start their clean room journey now

Jon Ede

Following CACI and Snowflake’s recent webinar on everything CMO’s need to know about Data Clean Rooms, Jon Ede shares his notes on why organisations need to start their clean room journey now.

Data Sharing

There is a trend developing in the Data Industry which is focused on the controlled and secure sharing of data between brands and companies. More organisations are waking up to the benefits that sharing data between collaborating organisations can bring, either through improved and enhanced marketing and comms, better insight, or just better co-ordinated and closer collaboration.

There are several reasons why a brand might want to collaborate with other organisations to share data. Closer collaboration through secure sharing of data can:

  • Enhance your understanding of your customer base
  • Enable you to plan and deliver better marketing
  • Perform joint marketing with co-operative brands
  • Assess the prospects of potential JVs

Data sharing allows by creating a frictionless operational process for always on collaboration.

Snowflake’s Data Clean Room

Snowflake have recently launched their Data Clean Room capabilities. The Data Clean Room is a feature that anyone running a Snowflake instance has access to. It allows for seamless and secure sharing of data, meaning that you can share your data with 3rd Party organisations whilst maintaining full control of the data.

Using cryptographic technology, you are able to decide what data you want to expose to your chosen collaborative partner. Using features within the clean room, you can decide to grant access to specific tables, procedures, views or fields.

This allows you to grant access to the data to achieve your use case. For example, you may only want to share data at a specific segment level, rather than at an encrypted individual level. This can then be refined and altered as the use cases develop.

Diagram showing how three brands can come together to create highly relevant messaging

The ability to create this secure environment and share data whilst it is in situ means that the data is immediately actionable. This has historically been a blocker with these types of environments, but with Snowflake’s Clean Room, you can directly integrate the platform into MarTech, AdTech or analytical and reporting tools.

Making it happen

As a Snowflake partner with expertise in MarTech, AdTech and Data Science, CACI is currently working with major brands to guide them on their Data Clean Room journey. We support through Use Case and Strategy planning, all the way through the set up and ongoing execution.

Beginning your Clean Room journey

We help brands by creating standardised and clean data sets, ready for sharing, and then help by creating matching logic to enable better collaboration. At this point our Data Science and Reporting experts are able to work with all data sharing parties to create models and segmentations and analyse the data for insight and collaboration potential.

Using our extensive MarTech and AdTech knowledge we can also help you activate the Clean Room generated insights into new and pre-existing technology.

For more information on Clean Rooms

If you are interested in expanding your data capabilities to include a Clean Room, get in contact with CACI to arrange a call.

Additionally, you can watch the recording of our webinar with Snowflake: Everything CMO’s Need to Know about Data Clean Rooms

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