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Network Automation: Should it matter to your business?

Liam Delaney

PT Barnum once said, “Comfort is the Enemy of Progress!”

Keeping up with the rapid technological changes is essential for staying competitive, as is developing new ways to utilise your current technology capabilities.

With this in mind, have you explored how automation can benefit your business with increased productivity, reliability and reduced operating costs.

Let’s discuss a few areas where automation can change how your business works whilst futureproofing the solution.

Over the years, your business has grown, evolved and expanded. This can create highly complex configurations making network management, security update and innovation more tedious, expensive and challenging to implement.

In another instance, fast-growing companies look for further improvements in efficiency and productivity to ensure they get the best out of their teams and attract the best talent.

Network automation tools have been created for over 20 years and ClickOPS is still prominent, with more than 30% of enterprise network actions being automated. Nevertheless, there is renewed interest in concepts like GitOps and NetDevOps, which are quickly gaining popularity.

How does automation benefit you?

As detailed by MicroFocus, a Japanese financial institution stated that “Network automation has proven extremely effective for configuration management. Managing approximately 300,000 interfaces and 45,000 modules with Excel just isn’t feasible. It automatically collects firmware, CPU, power supply, and other detailed information from network devices, making real-time information management possible. As a result, the company can reduce information collection man-hours by 30% and increase the efficiency of various management tasks.”

Automating manual tasks or processes can improve accuracy and efficiency, so your IT team can focus on critical functions and strategic projects. You may tap into their creative and critical skills to discover their hidden talents.

Network automation allows you to complete changes and migrations with fewer resources, altering your teams to be more strategic and efficient, resulting in less human error.

Currently, most network maintenance is manual, logging into routers, switches, device discovery, and more. Consider what your teams can work on if they are not tied up with mundane but essential changes or provisioning.

It is essential to maintain regulatory compliance, but do you know that process automation can help your business to build a compliance program? The selected process is completed the same way every single time, which reduces the errors made. How does 100% accuracy in your audit trail sound?

Banks and financial institutions can easily find themselves over their heads with many rules and regulations to comply with. Fortunately, automation makes it easier. By automating complex banking workflows, such as regulatory reporting, banks can ensure end-to-end compliance coverage across all systems.

To deal with the ever-increasing complexity of networking, infrastructure and hybrid working environments, automation can make your teams more productive, the network more reliable, and the business easier to scale up.

So, as we said at the beginning, will you stay in your comfort zone or will you embrace the opportunity to use our specialists’ expertise to develop a strategy that will maximize your future opportunities.

How CACI can help

We have a great team of Network and Automation specialists who are happy to align with your strategy. We can futureproof your business to stand out from competitors by efficiently leveraging the full advantage of automation tools.

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