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Everybody’s talking about value from NHS patient-based costing

Susan Brooks

NHS Data Collection

Are you achieving it yet – and is anyone else?

Everyone’s talking about getting value from patient-based costing, but what are NHS Trusts really achieving with this vast body of data?

Compliance is a given, but can it really drive performance improvement or is that just wishful thinking?

Many Trusts are struggling to get beyond the basic data collection, formatting and submission – it’s a massive and ongoing task that can absorb substantial finance team resources. Which is all the more reason for exploiting patient-based costing activities to produce meaningful benefit for patients and healthcare professionals.

Discover 8 ways that NHS trusts are achieving value from their costing outputs in our new white paper on – Patient Level Costing Data

To move away from crunching numbers you need a PLICS approach that focuses on the ‘I’ in the middle – information. That means using reporting tools that are integrally designed to generate insight for the Trust as well as compliant outputs for regulators and government.

We’re working with NHS Trusts around the UK who have uncovered real and important information from their patient costing data. They can:

1. Review analytics in context with a complete overview of the Trust’s patient costs from a single, unified system and approach

2. Combine PLICS data with other Trust performance data for insight into next best actions and performance for key programmes and focus areas

3. Show cost variations for different patient pathways to service managers with clear report formats, so they can close unnecessary gaps

4. Focus on ‘frequent flyer’ patients to redesign more effective services that improve their experiences

5. Integrate all the data for acute, mental health and community services in a newly merged Trust

6. Share meaningful data reports to all stakeholders and service owners so they can identify areas for action

7. Deliver automated quarterly and monthly reporting for performance tracking and continuous improvement

8. Adapt reporting and data to match local requirements, without intervention from the system provider or IT team

If you’d like to find out more about an easier way to turn patient costing data from an admin burden into an opportunity to improve and design health services in your Trust, request your free copy of our new NHS insight paper, Are you getting the most out of your Patient Level Costing data?

It describes how Trusts are using the CACI Synergy PLICS platform and support resources to achieve tangible performance improvements and better patient outcomes from actionable, locally tailored reporting.

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