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UKAS Recommends CACI’s Digital Forensics Lab for ISO 17043 Accreditation

CACI’s new Digital Forensics Laboratory has successfully passed its initial assessment and been recommended for ISO 17043 by UKAS for its Digital Forensic Proficiency Test schemes. This recent recommendation from UKAS follows closely after CACI’s ISO 17025 recommendation, achieved in September, and coincides with the Forensic Science Regulator’s Statutory Code of Practice, effective since Monday 2nd October.

CACI has been recommended by UKAS for accreditation to the following scope:

  • ISO/IEC 17043:2023

CACI’s current schemes are as follows;

  • Mobile-Based Device – Acquisition, Processing and Analysis
  • Computer-Based devices – Acquisition
  • Computer- Based Devices – Processing and Analysis

All schemes are tailored to meet the criteria for accredited digital forensics (DF) laboratories operating in law enforcement. Participation rates during proficiency testing cycles have been consistently increasing.

This further evidences CACI’s commitment to supporting UK Law Enforcement with digital forensics and FSR Code compliance. The laboratory, based in Northallerton, was launched on 9th June and has been created to mirror the capabilities of law enforcement digital forensic laboratories, adhering to industry standards and employing the same tools and processes.

It took an 18-month process for the laboratory to be created, but it is now housed with industry-leading individuals with years of expertise across the digital forensics space.

The formation of the team was heavily influenced by the already-established counterpart in the United States, which has been providing exceptional service for the past decade, shown through various accomplishments and significant recognition.

CACI’s DF Laboratory’s Operations Director, Richard Cockerill, had this to say:

“We are thrilled to announce that CACI has received a recommendation from UKAS for ISO 17043 accreditation for our Digital Forensic Proficiency Test schemes. This achievement highlights the dedication and expertise of our digital forensics team. This accreditation significantly strengthens our ability to support Law Enforcement, particularly with the Forensic Science Regulator’s Statutory Code now in effect. With our robust capabilities and specialised expertise, CACI is well-positioned to deliver high-quality digital forensic investigation services to the UK criminal justice system. This recommendation from UKAS marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to excellence within the UK.”

CACI are looking forward to embrace the array of opportunities expected for our digital forensics team following the confirmation of this recommendation. Furthermore, we look forward to the continued progression we’ve seen since the formation of the laboratory.

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