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Conwy and Denbighshire County Council chooses ChildView from CACI to underpin its youth justice work

Conwy and Denbighshire Youth Justice Service has chosen ChildView from CACI to underpin its vital work in supporting young people in its services across both counties. Conwy and Denbighshire will use ChildView to support its team across the both regions, looking after the needs of young people in, and on the periphery of, the local youth justice system.

The move means that ChildView now underpins youth justice work across the whole of Wales, with all 22 local authorities now utilising the system to create positive changes across the country.

“We chose ChildView as the fit for purpose youth justice system that best meets our service requirements,” says Matt Morgan, Service Manager at Conwy and Denbighshire Youth Justice Service. “We are looking forward to using the system to enable us to improve outcomes for the children and young people that we work with.”

We are delighted that Conwy and Denbighshire has chosen ChildView to support its vital work,” says Phil Lucy, Head of Children and Young People at CACI. “It is a great opportunity for us and, more broadly, youth justice services across Wales, that ChildView is now used universally across Wales. The data insights this will help Welsh authorities to build, will have a tangible impact on the outcomes experienced by vulnerable young people across the country.”

ChildView enables youth justice services to record the full range of multi-agency working, in-depth casework and chronologies (including Adverse Childhood Experience ACES). They can then securely share data on the young people in their services. It facilitates deeper insights into what is going on at an individual level, as well as holistically across services. This means that Welsh authorities, YJB Cymru and Government and local justice services can better understand their work and make informed decisions about effective response to each young person, as well as to prevent offending behaviour.

With ChildView being used across Wales, it means that authorities can easily and seamlessly share data and case files with one another. ChildView is interoperable with other systems, too, meaning that youth offending teams can share vital information with schools, building the evidence base and responses to offending behaviour which will help to prevent and reduce the impact of crime.

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