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IT Delivery Assurance – Is it needed now more than ever?

Gareth Wilson

With the economy now re-opening as lockdown measures are eased, there’s an acute awareness of a new normal – a heightened focus on what matters and a keener appetite to quickly disregard the things that don’t.

Increased remote working is likely here to stay so robust cyber security controls become even more important. Now, more than ever, businesses are keen to find out whether the platform they’re standing on was built from tinder wood.

To accelerate Britain’s digital maturation, the government has announced £10M funding to develop groundbreaking cyber security technologies. However, owning the tools is only a part of the solution – businesses are often in possession of good tooling but lack the skills to properly integrate, run and support these technologies. The same could be true of any kind of IT project and the failure rate of IT projects remains appalling.

The most common response to a history of failed projects is to increase project oversight, with a particular emphasis on reporting. However, more is often mistaken for better when it comes to governance.

In a Gartner study of failed IT projects, analysis revealed most complex projects had unrealistic goals, unproven teams and almost no accountability at all levels of the management and governance structure, meaning no one is responsible for failure.

What’s more, project failures led to low morale, often coupled with high attrition rates. In highly technical environments, the impact of this staff churn can dramatically affect project milestones.

This is why you should consider delivery assurance for your next major project.

To help ease this burden, we offer delivery assurance with all our technical services to ensure that the required outcomes are achieved.

We offer to take responsibility for the quality and timeliness of our consultants’ deliverables by:

·      Recruiting a high standard of consultant

·      Providing management supervision of consultants’ work

·      Ensuring resource continuity and upscaling via a pool of consultants

·      Overseeing quality of deliverables

·      Checking customer satisfaction of our consultants’ work

This offers a range of key benefits for our clients:

·      They can be confident that a programme will be delivered on time, to budget and with business benefits optimally realised.

·      They have an independent advisor to mediate and resolve any disputes you may have with a 3rd party supplier

·      Resourcing and delivery issues are taken away

·      Reduced stress about anything going wrong because they know they are covered and it will be resolved at no further cost

CACI Network Services has successfully delivered for our clients at the largest enterprise scale. Speak to us to see if you’d like to know more about our delivery assurance offering and whether we could be a good fit for your organisation.

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Gareth Wilson