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Acorn data enables The RSPB to deliver relevant and targeted supporter communications

Enhanced Insight Ensures Relevant Communications for RSPB Supporters

Why The RSPB Chose Acorn

As well as birds and wildlife, the RSPB also loves its supporters and volunteers! Knowing where they live and come from and so distance travelled to, for instance, a nature reserve, is an important part of understanding the RSPB’s audiences. The simplicity of Acorn is one of the main reasons the RSPB chose and continue to use Acorn: the data captured whilst at a reserve or in the high street just requires a postcode, something which most of the RSPB’s supporters are happy to provide.

How The RSPB is Using Acorn

The RSPB covers a wide spectrum of activities: managing nature reserves, involvement in species recovery and large-scale conservation projects, deploying national and local fundraising initiatives, operating an ecommerce site, listening to members’ requirements and concerns and ensuring resources are optimally deployed. Acorn, with its combination of location and demographic information, enhances the organisation’s understanding and evaluation of member and volunteer interactions across all of these activities.

Acorn is used for profiling, campaign selections, reporting and insight; for example, understanding participants in the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch event held every year in January. Ultimately Acorn helps the RSPB to deliver relevant communications to its supporter base.

The Benefits

  • Acorn is applied to records on the RSPB single supporter database, hosted by CACI, ensuring consistency of the organisation’s understanding of its supporters and volunteers
  • Helps to personalise communications and content, thereby enabling marketing spend to be distributed with improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Understand audiences for whom only a postcode is known
  • Overall, Acorn plays an important role in keeping RSPB audiences engaged with its brand for longer

With a network of reserves across the UK, understanding our supporters from a geographical perspective is incredibly important to the RSPB particularly when it comes to developing closer relationships with our supporters. Acorn allows us to enhance that insight and ensure that our communications are relevant and timely.

– Anton Ivankiv, Head of Business Planning & Strategy, RSPB

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