Property Attributes

A deep dive into the UK property market

CACI’s Property Attributes are made up of key property level variables linked to an address that comes from several sources and are combined, deduplicated and modelled across the rest of the UK by CACI’s data scientists to create a single core residential property file.

CACI has combined our wealth of information across our well-established products with data available from our key partners to create a single view of the UK property market.

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Detailed insights on the UK Property market

Available for use across a range of business applications, data is categorised into factual, inferred and modelled to create a comprehensive view of residential properties across the UK.

The resulting information includes property type, number of rooms, tenure, house price, energy consumption, geo-location, planning permission data and much more.


This single source of property data can support all industries, across many use cases including:

  • Insurance organisations can better understand information about properties for insurance risk.
  • Utilities organisations can more accurately predict demand
  • Landlords can increase their understanding of household composition
  • Local authorities can identify and target relevant services

You can find out more information on how you can apply CACI’s Property Attributes in the product overview here.