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A data and technology roadmap to transform customer journeys

Company Background

Bupa was created in 1947 in the UK with the founding purpose to prevent, relieve and cure sickness and ill-health of every kind. The company is driven by a passion to provide high quality, affordable healthcare. Today, Bupa is an international healthcare company, providing health insurance, treatment in clinics, dental centres, hospitals and care homes.


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Existing technology and data audit
  • Plan to address tactical dependencies
  • Blended approach to make the most of existing resources
  • Business case to deliver KPI uplift

The Challenge

Richard Glassborow is the Direct Distribution and Marketing Director for Bupa UK Insurance. He explains: “Our challenge was no less than a marketing transformation. When I met with CACI a few months after taking up this role, I was looking for ways to transform our people, technology and data capabilities.

“Transforming our customer journeys was my top priority. We have a big customer base with many different journeys, from finding customers, bringing them into the funnel for conversion, on-boarding, renewing, retention and off-boarding, as well as managing claims. Customer expectations for personalised engagement are very high: they’re set by technology-led organisations like Amazon. In healthcare, we needed to raise our game.

The Solution

The end goal was to give Richard and his team a roadmap to transform customer journeys, alongside an assessment of current data and technology gaps.

Bupa had some challenges with lead conversion and retention, partly due to a lack of personalisation in their communications. For the transformation roadmap, CACI built a suite of private medical insurance (PMI) customer journeys for different life stages, then converted those into contact strategies which could be developed and activated through Bupa’s Adobe technology platform. They were designed to be engaging, timely and relevant.

CACI looked at the technology and data dependencies in context of Bupa’s existing and future resources, identifying the changes needed to give Bupa the customer experience capability it wanted. CACI’s consultants produced a recommended strategic solution to transform data and technology by upgrading Bupa’s IT architecture.

The Benefits

Richard Glassborow is very pleased with the report and recommendations made by CACI. “This work has created clarity instead of ambiguity. It has given us momentum and given our senior team the assurance to take the next step. The tactical steps we’ve identified are key to breaking down barriers to change: we now have a credible plan to address them, so everyone is confident that the transformation is feasible.”

CACI is a preferred partner to Bupa for technology and implementation. The teams are working together on several strategic projects, including the single customer view, marketing distribution technology, and this infrastructure solution.

Further information

Read the full case study here or get in touch with us.

Team CACI understands the tech, the data silos, the infrastructure, our operational ways of working and what’s realistically possible in the timeframes we have. Using their knowledge and intelligence, they have pieced together a strong and coherent roadmap and action plan for improved customer experience that will measurably uplift our KPIs. Because they understand us and the issues we face as an organisation, they are by our side as trusted advisors and partners.

Richard Glassborow, Direct Distribution and Marketing Director, Bupa UK Insurance

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