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For whom the dwell tolls?

Exploring the significance of food & beverage to consumers, retailers and developers

Nielsen Harrap
Associate Partner, Leisure CACI

In Summary:

  • The ‘stay longer, spend longer’ trend is shaping the market
  • Shopper-Diners spend 35% more and dwell times are 81% greater than those who spent on retail and don’t use catering
  • In London, Shopper-Diners spend 38% more on average, with dwell times being over 10% longer
  • Our Social Scene Acorn data allows us to identify the top three most lucrative Shopper-Diners who spend 23%, 32% and 9% respectively more on average on dining when shopping
  • Leisure and F&B ticks the box of providing enhanced customer experience, increasing dwell times and, critically, increasing both retail expenditure and conversion.