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How do demographics drive digital behaviour?

Discover the demographic patterns emerging across how consumers behave digitally.

In Summary:

The difference in how consumers behave digitally is more subtle than ever before. A consumer’s likelihood to respond to a particular channel, to engage with a brand or to complete a purchase no longer follows the traditional demographic patterns across age, affluence and location.

There are clear demographic trends in digital behaviour, but they are far from predictable; perhaps most importantly often reveal surprising insight into the challenges that e-commerce and marketing personnel encounter on a daily basis: how to grow e-commerce in an increasingly competitive marketplace, how to communicate with customers effectively and cost efficiently, how to manage and measure engagement levels in a market dominated by social media, shopper incentives and gaming.

Using our demographic classification Acorn, we have evaluated and compared patterns across shopper behaviour, online spend, channel preference, voucher usage, gaming and social media engagement resulting in a summary of results that provide insight to help answer the following frequently asked questions: 

  • Is e-commerce growth stumped by poor visibility?
  • Is range planning the key to increasing online spend?
  • When does the power of personalisation stop?
  • Where is there channel shift opportunity?
  • Do vouchers win or lose business?
  • Gaming: fad or future?
  • Does social media drive action or awareness?
  • Is social engagement a value led proposition?