Workforce Scheduling

Scheduling sits at the heart of workforce efficiency and productivity, from having the right people performing the right tasks at the right time, to responding to short term and short notice gaps in your workforce. A robust scheduling framework provides oversight of your entire workforce, driving knowledge and understanding to inform ongoing decision making.

The process of scheduling a workforce can be incredibly time consuming, with a multitude of factors to be considered. By better matching resources to demand, we can help you to work smarter and faster with auto-scheduling and a 360-degree view of your business processes to assist your schedulers, freeing up time focus on exceptions and business continuity and improvement. This helps you to reduce operational risk across the board, keeping appropriately skilled staff performing tasks and delivering exceptional services by having the right people, in the right place, at the right time. By building our software around your bespoke rules, CACI can help you be ready for the future.

Full oversight of your workforce

Enhancing your scheduling carries multiple benefits across your business. Via automation, you can save significant time for those scheduling to work on improving your scheduling and responding to short term needs. Having full oversight of your workforce enables you to identify core competencies across your organisation and spot any skills gaps before they become a problem. This helps greatly with retention and recruitment, linking to your internal training programmes. By understanding each worker, you can better assign tasks for them based on factors such as competency, experience and location. Ensuring that appropriately qualified staff are undertaking tasks helps with compliance efforts.

Improve outcomes

By embedding your scheduling into your workforce and case management, you can improve outcomes across your organisation and for your service recipients.

  • Transparent scheduling for your workforce
  • Deal with exceptions more nimbly
  • Comply with external regulations around working hours and qualifications
  • Identify skills gaps and resolve them before they come a problem
  • Drive efficiency through your scheduling with auto-allocation of tasks based on your rules

Make your scheduling work for you. Be more efficient. Save time. Increase transparency of your workforce; increase transparency for your workforce. Gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening across your organisation.


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