Route to Market Strategy

In field sales and field merchandising, you have to balance opportunities with the finite resources available. Your route to market strategy is crucial to determine how and where you’ll deploy your people in the field. Using our advanced data analytics, you can define a strategy aligned with your business goals.

Route to market strategy gives you answers to critical field force management questions, for your own team or to brief an outsourced team. Should we go or not go to this location? How often should we visit? How do we prioritise, given that our team hasn’t enough working hours to cover every store? Do I need to adjust the strategy to embrace changing markets and business goals? From long experience in convenience, grocery and high street, formal and informal channels , we’ve developed a proven and effective data-led approach to defining route to market strategy for brands and distributors.

Segment your outlets meaningfully so you can prioritise

Using sales and location data, retail location information and consumer behaviour insights, you can discover what’s driving strong and weak performance and find the best opportunities for field team visits to make an impact. Grouping similar sites, segmenting and ranking them in your call file will reveal where the headroom for sales growth is greatest.

Understand the key factors driving performance

With smart analytics, you can predict visit ROI on a store-by-store basis. Factors will have a different weight of influences for each type of location, for your products and brands, such as:

  • Local infrastructure
  • Proximity to public transport
  • Size of daytime workforce population
  • Peak footfall times
  • Complementary outlets or destinations nearby

CACI’s route to market strategy experts understand the complex factors that affect outlet performance. And we know the potential and capabilities of a finite field team. We can help you build a robust strategy based on evidence from a range of leading data sources, including mobile data and consumer behaviour insights. Work with us to put all these together for your unique brand and business. By addressing the most profitable opportunities in your outlets, you can make sure your field team delivers real value and ROI that supports business goals.


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