NHS eRostering

The NHS and provider groups must be increasingly agile in meeting modern challenges in the form of changing demography, new technology and shifting patient demands and expectations. eRostering enables the NHS and associated providers to maximise the productivity of the workforce and reduce administrative time spent on planning rosters.

Deploying the correct eRostering solution carries many benefits for the NHS and provider groups. Lord Carter’s 2016 and 2018 reports on operational productivity in the NHS recommend all NHS provider organisations use an eRostering system for all clinical staff groups. Both reports found that organisations don’t always use the full potential of technology to maximise workforce productivity. Not only can eRostering make the most of workforce availability, it can reduce administrative time spent scheduling the workforce with auto-scheduling, freeing admin time to be spent on exceptions and improving processes.

Get more from your staffing resources

eRostering can help you to maximise the output of your workforce, being better positioned to respond to short-term workforce shortages. By linking with other trusts and organisations, you can better utilise bank staff and drive better understanding of your use of agency staff to ensure that their deployment is necessary and properly administered to get the most from their involvement. With better understanding comes better outcomes for staff and patients alike. Demand and expectations are changing – your staffing will have to change with them. Knowledge of your workforce, patients and workload will help to achieve this.

  • Increased efficiency: make better use of available bank staff
  • Auto-scheduling: use insight and rules engines to match staff with relevant tasks
  • Understand your workforce: set your rules based on qualifications, geographical location and patient demand
  • Better utilise agency staff: agency staff are essential, but efficiently spending on them and efficiently utilising them is vital
  • Collaborate: work with other trusts and organisations to realise operational efficiencies and staff deployment

eRostering goes beyond simply assigning tasks to your workforce. It can intelligently understand more about them, their competencies, their training and their location. With off-site visits becoming more regular, tasks can be assigned based upon distances travelled and the type of task at hand, making it easier for your administrative team to assign tasks and easier for your workforce to complete more tasks. It also enables you to identify staff shortages and skills gaps, implementing internal training where necessary and better informing your use of agency staff.


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