Headcount and Territory Optimisation

To get the best from your field team and to size it correctly, you need to deploy people in well-defined territories, based on real-world travel times. CACI has the data, automation tools and expertise to optimise headcount and territories, so you don’t have to rely on inaccurate assumptions.

Headcount is expensive. Have you got too much slack in your operation? Or are your people over-stretched? Are you expecting too much or too little from them? It’s impossible to allocate workload and travel time fairly using average distances and estimated timings. Many visits are distributed unevenly across geographies with very different characteristics. We have precise and trustworthy travel time data and a proven optimisation algorithm. With our support, you can set up your reps for maximum effectiveness quicky and easily by defining territories and reducing travel time, so your field team can carry out more visits.

A field sales operation optimised to deliver your sales strategy

Territory and headcount optimisation is critical to successfully meeting sales and operational targets. By analysing your call list and staff locations in context of real-world travel times and call durations, you can quickly and easily optimise territories and calls to your field team for maximum productivity. You can identify resource gaps: with clear data evidence you can make a business case for additional headcount. Efficient deployment may allow you to rightsize your team for cost savings or to redeploy people in areas of greater need.

Transparent, automated optimisation

Using data evidence and optimisation to plan territories and headcount takes the subjectivity out of field force planning. Business leaders and field workers can clearly see the rationale for operational decisions.

  • Better rep productivity and morale
  • Respond rapidly to market change
  • Merge or split teams effectively
  • Improve field team ROI
  • Less driving, more visits

CACI has comprehensive headcount and territory optimisation expertise. We offer consultancy and advice to design, implement and customise a solution from scratch or provide market-leading software and data for you to deploy. We can audit and make evidence-based recommendations to optimise your existing operation, giving you objective, third party insight into sensitive rightsizing or M&A projects.


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