Field Sales and Merchandising Routing

Route optimisation for today’s field teams must embrace a complex range of factors, adapting fast to changing day-to-day priorities. CACI’s routing solutions have power beyond traditional route mapping tools. They deliver real-world efficiency and value that meets commercial needs.

Our centralised route planning solutions deliver the same market-leading levels of efficiency on any scale and in any geography. They’re built on our long experience working with national, global and regional field teams and distribution partners. Exploit our expertise for consulting and implementation of a solution for your unique operation or take our technology off-the-shelf for immediate deployment.

Control and agility in route optimisation

When reps define their own schedules, they can’t see the big picture – they devise routes based on habit and personal preference. Our solutions reduce mileage, but in a rational way that’s workable for reps in real-world conditions.

Route optimisation determines where your people are going today, tomorrow and next week. The goal is to maximise daily call rates across your team. But you need to be responsive too. We give you the power to adjust and re-optimise as often as you need, to meet business priorities, balancing forward planning with urgent interventions while controlling costs and maximising visit time.

Realistic, rational efficiency

Reps are frequently suspicious of centralised route planning because it minimises mileage by ignoring logical preferences and work-life balance. Our algorithms balance efficiency and real-world working conditions, improving reps’ success and satisfaction.

  • Less rep time spent planning
  • Higher daily visits
  • Reduced mileage and less time driving
  • Responsive re-optimisation as needed
  • Reflects real-world journey conditions

Whether you run your own field teams or use distribution partners, we can help you minimise cost and maximise value through efficient route planning, locally or globally. We can help you deploy CallSmart, our leading route optimisation solution. Or we can integrate our route optimiser API: you can customise and build it into your existing systems as a SaaS product.


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