Competency & Training Management

Competency and training management help you improve outcomes across your workforce and the tasks undertaken. Having a holistic view of the competencies across your workforce enables you to identify areas of potential weakness and then to interlink that with your training to provide support and opportunity to all your staff.

The process of recruitment and filling gaps in your workforce can be costly in terms of time and money. Losing workers to better opportunities elsewhere creates short-term staffing issues which aren’t always easily resolved. Having a complete understanding of your workforce can help – which employees could fill in other roles at short notice? Who could be easily retrained to fulfil a role for which you are short staffed? This is further enhanced by understanding your training and ensuring your workforce understands the training opportunities available, too. Understand competency across your organisation. Provide training opportunities. Improve your workforce.

The right people in the right place at the right time

By having a robust competency and training management framework in place, you can ensure that you have the right people performing the right tasks, at the right time. You can upskill staff across your organisation, helping to reduce the impact felt by staff shortages and departures. The results of your assessments can directly feed into this: where further training is deemed necessary, this can be scheduled to ensure that your workforce always has the resources available to remain competent. This also covers the auto-allocation of mandatory ongoing training to ensure that everyone is up to speed on an ongoing basis.

Enhance your workforce

  • Competency management: Assess how people are performing and understand the skills available across your workforce
  • Training management: Assign mandatory ongoing training automatically and upskill your workforce by creating training programmes based on their needs and aspirations
  • Reporting: Create ongoing reports that enable assessment of performance and training demand to identify areas for improvement

Bringing your competency and training management processes together can drive deeper understanding of your workforce and facilitate more informed decision making. Your staff are your most important asset – getting the most from your workforce is paramount to delivering ongoing success.


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