Predictive Analytics and Modelling

If your organisation processes, manages and stores large volumes of data, you can use predictive analytics to turn it into forward-thinking, data-driven decision making.

Walk through the impact and outcomes that planned or possible operational actions could have on services, customers, sales and market share in a range of scenarios. Predict customer behaviour and model potential campaigns to grow sales and head off defections risks.

Know your prospects as well as you know your customers

Combine your existing business intelligence with predictive analytics. We use innovative and powerful AI and ML to make predictions and forecasts, and compare scenarios, as well as optimising marketing campaigns in real time.

Using automation, you can trigger the next best action for every customer at the ideal moment, getting best value and impact from your engagement activities and improving customer experience. We give you powerful analytics tools that monitor changing markets and customer behaviour, response and context, keeping your modelling up-to-date in a fast-evolving world.

Algorithms have the power to interpret consumer actions if they’re already engaged with your brand in some way. But when a customer gets involved for the first time, you can usually only give them generic treatment. With predictive analytics, you can also roll out the red carpet for prospects by relating their behaviour to known customer tendencies. You can personalise a relevant experience from the start. Serve campaign content that’s most likely to meet their needs, even when they’re anonymous first-timers.

Create personalised experiences with automation 

Our AI-driven propensity models mean you can identify every customer’s next action and understand their motivationBy detecting predictive signals, you can optimise customer engagement in real time: 

  • Inform real time targeting
  • Make the most of every engagement opportunity
  • Trigger communication at the right moment
  • Identify risk and take action to address it
  • Drive the most profitable behaviours

Deep insight comes from blending your existing business and customer intelligence with CACI datasets that give context and meaning. We use AI and ML to deliver predictions and recommendations that signpost business strategy, inform operational priorities and optimise customer experiences. Our team of data and analytics experts work with businesses all over the UK, in every sector, to drive value from their wealth of data. It all adds up to sure-footed strategy development, strong competitive positioning, better marketing ROI and customer growth.

CACI’s data scientists are profiling experts and they share sector knowledge with us.

Martin Walton, Scottish Water


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