Marketing Attribution

Get to the bottom of what’s working and what’s not working from the complexity of your campaigns and channels. Marketing attribution analysis is a sophisticated but extremely enlightening approach. Work with us to uncover the evidence you need to focus and prioritise multichannel campaigns.

Understand how campaigns interact

Everyone’s vying to get their brands noticed and keep loyal customers engaged. With the explosion of digital channels, tight budgets and intense scrutiny on marketing ROI, you need to make sure your campaigns are working harder than everyone else’s. If a campaign is turning customers off or undermining other channels, you need to root it out. When competitors change tack or a new trend emerges, you want to be able to adjust your campaigns with confidence. Marketing attribution analysis gives you reliable, real-time evidence for these decisions. 

Your marketing uses many digital and traditional channels. Whether you’re looking to optimise and sustain your success or need to shake things up because they aren’t working, marketing attribution tells you what to keep and what to change. Because of the complex interdependencies between multiple and multi-channel campaigns, it takes specialist expertise to analyse exactly what’s triggering different customer responses. Our marketing attribution team uses our own proven methodology for a completely reliable and objective approach. We don’t have favourites: we know and can evaluate every kind of data, channel, medium and tactic.

Increase the ROI of marketing campaigns 

Get more from your budget by prioritising the most effective campaigns: 

  • Assess the effectiveness of products, brands and channels in context
  • Determine the best campaigns for different segments
  • Understand the impact of market activity
  • Account for external, econometric factors
  • Know which channels to invest in next
  • Model change and innovation to predict the impact

With clear evidence to back up your campaign decisions, you can get the most from resources and make the case for increased investment when you need it. Marketing attribution analysis has the potential to transform your marketing campaign and channel performance across the board. But it demands red-hot data skills and methods. If you don’t have these in-house, working with CACI’s marketing attribution experts is a smart move. We can apply best practice to your unique marketing output and give you meaningful, up-to-date reports, modelling and tools that keep your marketing on target. 

Our relationship helps us focus on driving marketing agility and delivering customer centric, hyper-relevant shopping experiences.

Stephen Shawcross, Senior Global CRM Manager, Hotter Shoes


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