Let’s look at what’s going to happen next for your business, so you can set up your next marketing moves to sustain performance. Using your own data and proven external datasets, we predict changing market conditions and customer behaviours to forecast the long-term impact on your business.

Performance forecasting identifies, measures and validates the factors that influence sales in your business. Key drivers may include marketing spending, competitor activity, the economy, seasonal and environmental factors. We can help you understand how they work together to determine performance. Then, we can model sales predictions based on future conditions.

Futureproof your business

When you know what’s round the corner, you can have campaigns and activities ready to make the most of opportunities and mitigate threats. Forecasting insights can influence everything, ranging from pricing and promotions to campaign targeting and messaging. If you wait until market changes affect your performance, you’re on the back foot and scrabbling to recover. With forecasting to guide you, you can be prepared for whatever your customers and markets will do next.

Futureproof your sales and marketing 

You need evidence-based forecasting that takes in data about all the relevant factors for stellar sales and marketing planning.

  • Identify emerging threats and opportunities
  • Set realistic targets and expectations
  • Make changes that have an impact
  • Drive good outcomes
  • Mitigate risks

Future visibility is crucial to set strategy, stay competitive and keep customers satisfied as trends and markets evolve. We can help you blend the internal and external data you need to give you a constant view of the horizon. Better yet, we put the power into your hands with interactive reports and planning tools in BI dashboards that keeps insight current, based on the latest data. 

CACI’s Head of Analytics steered our retention project so we can use propensity modelling on top of the lookalike datasets.

Julian D'Aguiar, Customer Data Manager, OneFamily

CACI’s data scientists are profiling experts and they share sector knowledge with us as well as providing modelling expertise.

Martin Walton, Asset Planner, Scottish Water


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