Data Engineering

Data is the currency of digital success. By uniting and integrating diverse data sets, we can help you get more from your data, uncover new insights, and turn your information into a powerful and innovative source of competitive advantage.

We specialise in helping organisations apply data in new ways that directly support their mission. Whatever your strategic aims, our expert, security cleared engineers and consultants can help you find new ways of achieving them, through the intelligent application and analysis of data.

Putting theory into practice at scale.

Rather than provide theoretical solutions, we understand the importance of a partner with practical, deep engineering experience that can implement and deliver a solution that works – with quick demonstrable results.

Our advanced system and software engineering and change management capabilities help us to understand, frame and solve some of the most complex challenges you face.

Key Capabilities

We combine outstanding engineering expertise with technical talent and agile software techniques to deliver robust, reliable, and innovative solutions you can trust.

Our expert teams can help you:

  • Deliver mission-critical software – engineered to precise performance standards
  • Adapt and scale your operations based on your current and future needs – in a reliable, secure-by-design environment
  • Establish a culture of advanced data insight across your organisation – in areas such as streaming analytics, enterprise search, high volume messaging, big data technologies, natural language processing and text analytics, data analytics, machine learning, data modelling, and Graph, SQL and NoSQL databases

We have a team of expert consultants and software engineers, all with significant experience engineering and delivering innovative software solutions across mission-critical environments.

Our people stay with us for a long time, and we endeavour to keep the same people with you for as long as possible. This gives you a real opportunity to build relationships with them, and helps them understand the unique needs of your organisation.



Data Management

Your organisational and customer data in safe hands.

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Data Science & Analytics

Improve your organisation's performance with our Data Science expertise.

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