Inspections & Compliance

Scheduling, recording and acting upon inspections is vital for the smooth running and compliance of your organisation, as well as the organisations that you need to inspect and monitor. The chain of events prompted by each inspection also needs to be facilitated.

Inspections are vital for operational insight and benchmarking of public and private bodies. The work your team undertakes helps boost public confidence in services and highlights areas for improvement. Ensuring that inspections are conducted by compliant staff, with data captured and acted upon, is time consuming and at the risk of human error. Auto-scheduling, recording data and disseminating information via relevant channels helps to support your services. Ensure inspections are performed in timely fashion, capture data in real-time and gain a 360-degree view of your organisation with CACI.

Improving your processes

Auto-scheduling inspectors helps your scheduling team to stay on top of inspection cycles, freeing up more time to manage exceptions and focus on operational improvements. With your inspectors out in the field, facilitate the real-time capturing of data, enabling reports to be written and submitted in the field, creating efficiencies in your inspection process. Data can then be analysed much quicker, with reports submitted back to your inspected organisations, with follow-ups being auto allocated. With a holistic view of your organisation, you can nimbly respond to changes and exceptions, with the ability to focus on improvements across your processes.

  • Auto-schedule: assign tasks to appropriate inspectors automatically, providing a transparent overview of workloads
  • Report: gain deeper operational insight and capture data from out in the field in real time
  • Comply: ensure the right people are performing the right tasks and be more agile in arranging follow-up tasks

The work of your inspectors is vital, so it is important that their workloads are managed efficiently to enable them to carry out their work to the best of their abilities and in a timely fashion. By creating efficiencies in the process, you can create more opportunities to inspect whilst ensuring appropriately qualified staff are undertaking inspections. Find out below why CACI is trusted by bodies such as Ofsted, the Care Quality Commission and the Civil Aviation Authority to underpin their inspections, compliance and reporting processes.


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