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Vulnerability Indicators

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The term vulnerability has become well established over recent years with vulnerable consumers identified as people who, due to their personal circumstances, are susceptible to detriment when an organisation is not acting with appropriate levels of care.

There are regulatory pressures on companies in industries such as Financial Services and Utilities to identify vulnerable groups in order to improve customer outcomes, from access to digital services to ensuring customers are being charged fairly by being on the most appropriate product.

CACI have developed our Vulnerability Indicators to help organisations better identify groups of vulnerable customers in order to target them with appropriate assistance. The product is a collection of vulnerability dimensions across financial, digital and age. Each vulnerability indicator is an amalgamation of several different criteria which we have defined as being an element driving vulnerability.


  • Provides an easy to use way of identifying vulnerable groups
  • Available for postcodes with 7 or more residents
  • Indicators can be used separately or in combination depending on the application
  • Easy to apply to a customer base or across a geographic area
  • Uses a statistical methodology to ensure all vulnerability dimensions are valid
  • Supplied as a decile and percentile score
  • GDPR compliant
  • Annually updated


  • Understand the potential number of vulnerable customers so that organisations can monitor how their actions are affecting outcomes
  • Identify customers who may not have access to digital services to ensure they are catered for
  • Understand the number of vulnerable customers who may be affected by a branch closure
  • Identifying customers who may be eligible for additional services via the Priority Services Register (PSR)
  • Assist in the identification of vulnerable customers to help staff ask the right questions
  • Ensure vulnerable customers pay a fair price for services and are aware of the benefits of switching or changing tariffs
  • Provide extra support for when communicating with potentially vulnerable customer groups
  • Identifying customers who are at risk of disconnections for debt
  • Identify whether customers are likely to have an adequate source of wealth or funds in order to identify potential problem gamblers

Further information

For futher information on how you can leverage CACI's Vulnerability Indicators, please contact 020 7602 6000 or submit your details to speak to an expert.

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Vulnerability Indicators

CACI have developed our Vulnerability Indicators to help you better identify groups of vulnerable customers in order to provide them with the best possible service.